For the safety and well-being of all of our clients

The 225 Club is actively reducing the number of people allowed into the gym space at any one time (until Covid-related restrictions are safe to ease)

As such, we are no longer offering a traditional Membership package...

But we are delighted to offer PERSONAL GYM SESSIONS via our online booking system!

Simply create an online profile and you can login to view the weekly timetable of available workout slots.

Just trying us out?
1 session credit = £15

Desperately want the gym back in your life but can't come as much as you would like?
5 session credits = £50 (£10 per visit, valid for 2 months)

Let me at it!
20 session credits = £100 (£5 per visit, valid for 1 month)

If you have any issues at all with the booking process, just drop us a message to:

P.s. Don't forget to keep an eye out for our brand-new class schedule starting on May 17th where we will be utilising the entire refurbished gym space for every class!

Signup Now & create an account

login and purchase credits to book gym sessions via our online timetable

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