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Personal Trainer

Johnny has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and is a beloved stalwart of The 225 Club coaching team.

Johnny started his career working in large Health Clubs such as Esporta and Virgin Active before expanding his expertise to work as a Performance Coach and Personal Trainer on Private Super Yachts, training the owners and their guests, in the States, Caribbean, and Bahamas.

Johnny has an impressive depth of exercise knowledge which he committedly builds upon with regular continued professional development courses. He specialises in improving client’s performance through Strength and Conditioning, a close focus on mobility, and a movement-based style of training.

Johnny’s training style is very diverse and he believes variety is the best form of achieving all round results and longevity to carry through your life. His clients range from professional youth athletes, to prehab and rehab clients getting back to peak performance, all the way across the board to the sedentary older generation.