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Personal Trainer Profile

Jessica is extremely passionate about all things to do with health, wellness, and training. After graduating from University, she decided to pursue a full-time career as a Personal Trainer helping others because of the way that health and fitness changed her life.

With 5 years of industry experience Jessica has successfully helped many people become their fittest, most confident selves, by improving the way they move, eat, sleep and think. Her holistic approach is what gets her clients such great physical and mental results.

Jessica loves a variety of different training styles from weight training and running, to yoga and CrossFit. By drawing upon the different aspects of this variety of training styles, she creates fun, dynamic programs, tailored to suit each individual client’s physical goals and needs.

As well as applying knowledge from previous experience, Jessica is committed to grow and learn to improve herself as a coach. Currently she is working to qualify as a Nutritionist with Precision Nutrition.