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Personal Trainer

Ella has had a keen interest in health and well-being from a young age and qualified as a Personal Trainer at the age of 19. She has worked as a Personal Trainer for the last 6 years and built up an excellent reputation with her clients.

Ella is also a qualified Clinical Sports Therapist specialising in Chronic/Acute pain and Injury Rehabilitation. Extensive study in Anatomy and Physiology allows her to adapt and tailor programmes for individuals who are currently injured, have pre-existing conditions, or are recovering from surgery.

Having trained in dance and musical theatre for many years (and now teaching and dancing competitively) Ella knows first-hand the commitment it takes to obtain the results you want. Ella helps to ensure you are working in the most effective and efficient way for you to reach your goals, as she offers her commitment, knowledge and enthusiasm, to make your results her priority.