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Personal Trainer

Bryan is extremely passionate about fitness, strength training and competitive sports. Since graduating from University, Bryan decided to pursue a full time career in Personal Training, recently working at a local private boutique fitness studio.

Bryan has a wealth of experience in high level sport, representing his country for ski racing and playing rugby for University. Through this Bryan has built up his knowledge in performance related training centred on mobility, power and body mechanics. Specialising in getting you fit for ski holidays or other sporting activities is of particular interest to him.

Through personal experience of an L5/S1 slipped disc and working with many clients with injuries, Bryan has had to alter his own training methods to accommodate the injury, and he has an impressive understanding of helping clients with lower back issues, as well as ACL and other knee related injuries

Crucially, Bryan strives to make training sessions as enjoyable as possible, through his relaxed and cheerful nature. However, still making sure you stay on track to work towards your goals and push yourself during training.