LaserSculpt Body Contouring

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LaserSculpt Body Contouring

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your body then LaserSculpt can help you by giving you the best results from a non-invasive treatment combined with the safest and most comfortable lipolysis treatment available today.

From the wellness centre at Cobham's 225 club, you have the unique opportunity to have up to 24% of targeted stubborn body fat removed through a comfortable experience that doesn’t require suction, freezing or produce scars, pain or discomfort. Treatment times are just 25 minutes for each area and there is no downtime.

This non-invasive technique utilises clinical grade equipment derived from technology used in surgical liposuction, to give you the safest and most effective treatment. It is operated by our consultant, Dr Steve, who has over 20 years clinical experience in high technology and complex treatments and is passionate about helping people to be the very best they can be.

This innovative brand new technology called SculpSure produced by medical laser manufacturer Cynosure, has taken the USA by storm. It uses medical grade laser equipment to destroy fat cells permanently by heating them in a controlled way – the most comfortable means from a patient perspective.

Multiple areas including abs, flanks, thighs, waistline and gluteal folds can be treated during one visit and you will get results within 6 weeks after treatment. LaserSculpt can treat areas of the body that are not suited to other types of treatments. Clinic availability includes weekends and evening but is limited so book ahead to ensure you get the results you want before any important event or holiday. We typically recommend 2 treatments 4- 6 weeks apart so allow up to 12 weeks for optimum results.

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