Mum & Well WomAn Club

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Mum & Well Woman Club

What is it:

A monthly Class Membership at The 225 Club – Cobham’s Boutique Gym. The classes are scheduled at times to suit busy ladies, and designed specifically to firm up all of the body parts that shouldn’t be so free spirited.

What you get:

2 classes per week (booked at the start of the month) of your choice, from:

Barre Fusion, Post Natal Yoga, Pre Natal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Burn & Tone, HIIT, Boxercise

1 Women’s health related workshop per month

A free coffee at The Juice Smith after every morning class

What it costs:

£60 per month, includes 9 classes and 1 workshop

Benefits to you

Post morning drop-off and post bed-time class times

Classes designed specifically for ladies returning to exercise so no fear of being too unfit

Ladies only classes (highlighted on the timetable)

Catch up classes if something comes up and you need to miss a class (subject to space)

Monthly work shops on: Exercises for home, Nutrition for fat loss, Should I take Supplements, Healthy cooking, Women’s health issues, Vegan benefits, De-stress your life.

No 12 month contract, simply a monthly rolling direct debit

Got a spare £20? You can top up the Mum and Well Women membership for £20 per month and receive unlimited access to the gym to practise what you learn in the classes, and receive a complimentary tailored workout plan from our Personal Training team!