Rapid Transformation Therapy

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Sarah Tulloch

Sarah is a clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified RTT Practitioner (Rapid Transformational Therapy). She is passionate about supporting people to make the changes they want and need in their life and to help them find freedom from the problems and challenges holding them back. RTT is an exciting therapy because clients frequently feel a shift and resolution in as little as one session, and rarely need more than three sessions.

RTT is a very effective therapy incorporating Hypnotherapy, NLP and other therapeutic techniques to quickly and safely support a client to find the root cause of their problem or difficulty and to resolve it for good. Each session takes around 2 hours and the client is then asked to listen to a short recording for three weeks following the session to consolidate the transformation.

You may have struggled for some time to resolve anxiety or depression, addiction, anger, relationship difficulties, issues with food, weight management or lack of confidence. This therapy will find out the underlying reason for your struggles and make overcoming them feel much easier. In addition, it has also had phenomenal success with fears and phobias, pain and physical conditions such as IBS and skin conditions, trauma and infertility. I also work with children experiencing a variety of issues and as a certified coach, I also support adults and children in developing greater resilience.

Sarah was lucky enough to learn this exciting technique from Marisa Peer herself who introduced RTT following over 30 years of research and practise into the most effective therapeutic interventions with a wide variety of clients. Marisa is an internationally acclaimed therapist and author, voted Britain’s best therapist in Tatler Magazine.

Please contact me at info@srthypnotherapy.org or on 07881246312 for a no obligation free of charge 15 minute telephone consultation for more information. Please take a look at my website www.srthypnotherapy.org for more details. I look forward to working with you.